Afghantistan – How will it impact neighbourhood and global community

This session was to be on Foreign Policy building blocks a master class by Abhijit Iyer Mitra. But, unexpected collapse of Afghanistan changed everything.

This talk is a serious crisp discussion on all the aspect covering this crucial development in our neighbourhood. –

How Afghanistan will evolve as a nation now – Who will be affected the most with these developments – Pakistan, India, China or Iran – Should India have agreed to be the hired gun for USA? Or the current approach is right. – Where does this leave USA – unreliable ally, irrelevant force in the world affairs? – Impact on similar Islamist forces in Africa – like Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia etc – Will European, British countries find renewed push from Islamist groups? – How will it affect Middle East, Israel and their new found delicate relations – Should India recalibrate its foreign police?

Host of such questions, responded in a crisp manner