COVID -19 vaccine to be supplied directly from Bhagyanagar

The CEO of GMR, Pradeep Panikar, says that GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo has always been the port of export for vaccines from India. “Given the current emergency created by covid – 19, it is imperative to plan thoroughly and efficiently organize logistics.” he said.

We have made the necessary arrangements with Dubai airport to transport vaccines across the globe. The GMR Airport Hyderabad, GMR Cargo and Dubai airport will work in close coordination to create a special Hyderabad – Dubai vaccine air corridor towards this objective.

Pradeep Panikar, the CEO of GMR, Saurabh Kumar the CEO of Hyderabad Air Cargo and Eugene Bari, the VP – Commercial of Dubai Airport signed this agreement over a virtual meeting.

On this occasion, the ED and Chief Innovation Officer of GMR said that this vaccine air flight corridor from Hyderabad to Dubai will ensure rapid and trouble free delivery of the vaccine doses from Hyderabad to the whole world.

Paul Griffith, the CEO of Dubai airport said, “The coming months will require safe and competent transportation of large volumes of vaccine doses. And we are determined to do a competent job in this regard.”.

The development of the vaccine has now reached the final stages, and GMR Hyderabad has made arrangements with partners to handle the coming load of cargo. GMR Hyderabad is located close to the main manufacturing center of vaccines. Hyderabad is the manufacturing center for vaccines for markets in Europe, the Americas, Africa and also Asia.

Temperature sensitive vaccine cargo is transported from Hyderabad to transportation hubs like Dubai and from there to the rest of the world. GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo is certified by WHO for GSDP (Good Storage and Distribution Practice).

This is India’s first dedicated pharma zone. It has the largest tunnel X-Ray machine and special equipment for the safe transportation of covid vaccine. The crucial envirotainer, Sea Safe and DoKaSch Gmbh and other cold chain logistics companies have located their stocking stations here.

To service special logistics requirements like Covid – 19 vaccine transportation, GMR Hyderabad is expanding its land side and air side facilities. GMR Hyderabad has already installed a large cool Dolly for addressing these special requirements. This facility assists the smooth loading of cold air side cargo into aircraft.