Misled Dalits disturb harmony

In yet another instance of fanaticism, a few Dalit families of Srirampur village of Jagitial district are trying to play the victim card with dubious intentions, disturbing the culture, tradition and harmony of the village.

The village has 75 Dalit families and a few Dalit families had converted to Christianity a few years ago. These Christian youth of these families have been trying to convert other Dailts into Christianity. They have been playing the victim card by spreading false news that Hindu communities are performing Hindu rituals next to Ambedkar statue. When the sarpanch of the same community tried to intervene into the issue, they side-lined him too. They have also started a false propaganda that Dalits are being expelled from the village.

This false propaganda and intentional act of disturbing the peace in the village was also condemned by Mr.Maredu Mohan, President of “SC/ST Reservation Protection Samithi”.