New version of the RITAM app out on August 20

The RITAM app has come out with a new version in accordance with the global standards and keeping up with the changing times. The new version of the app will be available on August 20, 2021, on Android and iOS.

Major and significant changes are being done in the app in consultation with accomplished people and experts. The new-look of RITAM has been designed and developed keeping in mind the need of the users. It has also been simplified for them.

The new version of the app does not only have news, but also opinion, analysis, knowledge-driven content, interesting information, and much more. The app promises something for everyone and has content for all sections, ages and gender. It has been developed keeping in mind their outlook and perspectives.

As of now, Ritam App content is available in 11 languages. It has of 400 Indian portals, 380 YouTube channels, and 12 hundred writers will be broadcast via RITAM. One can adapt the app according to your convenience, need, and interest.

Varied stories like the rise of India in the new global order, the journey of the country from a poor nation to a prosperous and self-sufficient one, discussions on history and its proper analysis, spirituality, health, entertainment, sports, literature, trade, and culture will be available on the app for its readers.

NijamToday is a proud partner of the RITAM app. Download the new version of RITAM and read us for the latest national and international happenings.