Another 80 fake passports detected in Bodhan

In yet another shocker in Nizamabad district, 80 fake passports have been detected in Bodhan town. The passports were received by the Bodhan post office and were scheduled to be delivered to four houses in the Sharbat Canal area of Bodhan.

Significantly, all the 80 passports have been returned with the endorsement of door lock.

Postal departmental employees who identified them as passports returned them with the endorsement of door lock. Postal staff said that the passports have been received from the Regional Passport Office.

It may be recalled that this heavily populated Muslim town Bodhan was the epicentre for another scam, involving 72 Bangladeshis who created and received Aadhar cards.

So far, eight people have been arrested in the passport scam. Telangana Police are confounded by the latest development as the passports were received in the same addresses, especially when investigation is still under progress and the address of the accused is the same.

Apart from local police, the National Investigation Agency, NIA, is also closely following the case, as the fake passport scam directly poses threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.

The Bodhan Police along with the Nizamabad district police are keeping a tight vigil on individuals with background from Bangladesh.

Police have identified that a few individuals running mee seva centers, are creating fake documents relating to Aasara pensions, property documents, documents necessary to obtain loans from banks, because of their greed for money.

Recently, police identified that these individuals are making documents, vital to get Aadhar cards, now the police are investigating through the angle of Bodhan becoming a hub for issue of fake passports to Bangladeshis.

The police and the NIA are monitoring the movements of individuals in the angle, whether million dollar question is, whether Bodhan has become the epic centre for Bangaldeshis to get passports.

Now police and NIA conjointly, are keeping a vigil on individuals already in their records and known sympathizers of ISI and an eye on potential movement of modules.