Attempt to attack Hanuman Shobha Yatra, calling for boycott of Hindu shops in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Hanuman Shobha Yatra undertaken by Hindus in large numbers was attacked and abused by Muslims of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh on April 25th, 2022.  The Islamic slogan shouting was reported from the premises of a mosque in front of which the procession progressed. An incident of throwing of a beer bottle was also reported. Videos on the above incident shared in social media received wide attention.

Such kind of anti-Hindu attacks were witnessed across the country in April 2022, be at Karuali – Rajasthan; Kolar – Karnataka, Khargone-MadhyaPradesh, JNU – Delhi, Khambhat City -Gujarat; Lohardaga – Jharkhand; Vasco- Goa, Hubbali-Karnataka, Roorkee–Uttarakhand; Kurnool-AndhraPradesh; Amaravathi-Maharastra;  Jahangirpuri – Delhi, Kargone -Madhya Pradesh and several minor and unreported cases at small towns in the various parts of the country.

In these attacks, the pattern of attacking Hindu festivals then celebrating such law breaking acts as achievements, if caught playing the victim card by section of Muslims can be observed on Social Media. Some of them also used this opportunity to target the business run by Hindus.

An FB post of Sheik Moinuddin, the district president of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), has also shared a post called to boycott the business run by Hindus.

Earlier, Sheik Moinuddin has also shared a post on FB calling for of  boycott Rajasthani Marwadi businesses alleging them to be responsible for creating enmity between Hindus and Muslims.

An FB post of Imran Pfi (Allah Hu Akbar) celebrating the attacks on Hanuman Shobha Yatra

Nellore Andhra Pradesh 💪💪💪

Posted by Imran Pfi on Sunday, April 24, 2022