Successful Women Inspired by Hindutva

It has been constant refrain of Left lobbies that there is no space for women in Hindu organisations. They claim RSS and Hindutva is patriarchal. However, there are many women organisations inspired by Hindutva. Here I bring together four women who are working among women.

Pragya Mahaal ji is a full timer for last 25 years in Vishwa Hindu Parishad. She is Joint Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and national organiser of Durga Vahini.

Dr Rupa Raval is involved in Rashtra Sevika Samiti since childhood. She was full timer as a student for five years. She worked as prachaarika for two years. She is a successful professional as a clinical researcher.

Madhavi Mihir Bhuta is a member of BJP Mahila Morcha for many years and member of national executive committee for four terms. She is a writer too.

Bindu Suraj from Kerala is working with ‘Shakti’ since 2003, a body for inculcating scientific temper among women and empowering them with knowledge. They talk about their organisations and also articulate their views on Indian world view vis a vis western feminism.


Here is the video:


Courtesy: Ratan Sharda-Bharatcentric View