The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century

Hitler, a politician, a historical figure known for his diabolical character. He used a symbol for his political and racial ideology, under the symbol he did all the wrongdoings. The world today calls that symbol “Swastika”, an Indian name to a symbol used by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains for ages. But was it a Swastika? or Something else?

If the symbol was Swastika What was Hakenkreuz or hooked cross then? How and under what circumstances, the name Swastika get attached to Hitler and his crimes? Why did the west look at Swastika as a demonic symbol? Is it a conspiracy? Or in real Hitler was inspired by the Indian Swastika? Through this documentary, Swastika will tell its story with facts.


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Courtesy: AKTK Documentary