Complaints Received against 18 Christian NGOs of AP for Violation of FCRA Norms

Union Minister of State for Home affairs Nityanand Rai on Tuesday informed the Lok Sabha that complaints against 18 Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 (FCRA) registered associations of Andhra Pradesh have been received regarding alleged indulgence in conversion to Christianity. MoS Home Rai informed the lower house on the question of MP Kanumuru Raghu Rama Krishna Raju.

MoS Rai said, “Complaints against 18 FCRA Registered Associations of Andhra Pradesh have been received regarding alleged indulgence in conversion to Christianity.” MoS Home further informed that The FCRA, 2010 provides a legal mechanism to deal with violation of FCRA provisions. Such a mechanism includes an audit of accounts of such NGOs, an inspection of their accounts and records, and verification of their on-field activities and so on. The FCRA certificate of such NGOs may be suspended depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

“Such violations may also lead to cancellation of the certificate. In some cases where violations of the FCRA, 2010 so warrant, the matter may be investigated as provided under Section 43 of the FCRA, 2010. Accordingly, appropriate action has been initiated in respect of above-mentioned complaints, based on the facts and circumstances of each case” he added. (ANI)

In his question, the Member of Parliament from Andhra Pradesh, Sri Kanumuru Raghu Rama Krishna Raju had asked  (a) whether the Government has received any complaints against violation of Foreign Contribution

Regulation Act, 1976 Rules by some NGOs in the State of Andhra Pradesh which are misusing FCRA Rules by indulging in Christian conversion by inducements, allurement and misrepresentation since 2018, if so, the details thereof; and (b) the action taken by the Government against the NGOs and the steps taken to obviate such incidents in future?

In the recent past, Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF), Hyderabad had submitted several complaints regarding multiple violations of the FCRA Act, 1976 by NGOs working in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Acting upon the complaints of LRPF, the Ministry of Home Affairs had suspended the FCRA license of Harvest India which also figures in today’s list of NGOs, which was furnished as part of the reply by the Minister. LRPF had meticulously documented several instances of conversion of minor children into Christianity through allurements like free education, free boarding, and lodging. In several instances, the Chief Executive Officer of the concerned NGOs were found to be personally indulging in giving baptism to minor children. Compulsory Bible studies, daily bible prayers were thrust upon minor children. These NGOs had proudly circulated pictures and videos of their conversion and evangelism activities through their newsletters to their donors. One NGO had featured stories of how children who went home during vacations rebelled against ‘demon idol-worshipping parents’ and lectured their parents about the greatness of Jesus Christ.

In addition, though the concerned NGOs were getting FCRA funds under the heads ‘educational or social development’, utilization of such funds for large-scale evangelism, church planting, pastor training indulged in by various NGOs were recorded by LRPF. Aid from such NGOs was made conditional that recipients should convert to Christianity or imposing of Bible sermons every time they receive aid.  The poor and sick recipients of such aid are forced to dance to the tunes of these unscrupulous NGOs. Minor children, single mothers, destitute and sick people are the victims of Christian conversions and evangelism. Details of such conversions and evangelism activities were then sent back to donors abroad, which were used by them to collect further funds for fuelling more conversions to Christianity. This has led to a vicious circle of FCRA funds inflow à conversions à feedback videos, images, stories-à more funds from abroad à more conversions.

There is an urgent need to rein in such NGOs who blatantly indulge in violation of various laws like the FCRA Act as the activities of such unscrupulous NGOs are having a serious impact on the society at large with families being torn apart as a result of conversions to Christianity.

Details of FCRA Registered Associations of Andhra Pradesh against whom complaints have been received for indulging in Christian conversion by inducements, allurement, and misrepresentation since 2018:

Sl. No. Name of Association


1. Metropolitan Mission
2. Swaantana Seva Samiti, A.P.
3. Oikonomas Ministries A.P.
4. Bikkavolu Charitable
5. Herald of Good News Society
6. India Rural Evangelical Fellowship
7. Living Sacrifice Ministries
8. Life Givers
9. Salesian Andhra Society
10. Diocese of Nellore Society
11. Love-n-Care Ministries
12. Indian Christian Ministries
13. AMG India International
14. Shalom Trust for Relief, Education and Mission
15. Good Shepherd Convent
16. Samantha Community Development and Welfare Society
17. Harvest India
18. Sylom Blind Center