Propaganda to defame Hindutva through web series (Part -2)

Propaganda to defame Hindutva through films (Part -1)

Serials have a special role to play in creating animosity towards Hindus and Hindu saints.

Ashram – Released in 2020, the series is directed by Prakash Jha and airs on MX Player. The theme of this series is to expose the hypocrisy of a Hindu saint and his female addiction Bobby Deol is playing the role of a saint in this series The public outrage over the series is so great that when the producers, actors and artisans arrived in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, recently to shoot the series, they had to face a mass whitewash. Somehow, with the help of the police, they escaped.

Sacred Games – Based on Vikram Chandra’s novel first released in 2016, the series, directed by far-left directors, Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, is India’s first series to air on Netflix. The series, written by a hateful anti-Hindu writer and director from the beginning to the end, has been prepared as a very perverted and bisexual Hindu saint. In addition, an ashram has been shown to be the center of anti-India activities.

Godman – The Tamil series was scheduled to air on Zee 5 in June 2020. But, due to public outrage, Zee 5 stopped airing the series. The cause of public outrage is the subject matter of this series where a lustful accused is seen as a Hindu saint. The dialogue can be heard in one of the promotional videos of the series – “Where is it written that only Brahmins will read the Vedas?” As a result, fans of the series and movies expressed their displeasure on social media, a lawsuit was filed in the police station in the name of the producers of the series, and at the end of the series, and they were forced to stop broadcasting the series.


Paatallok – Produced by actress Anushka Sharma and aired on Amazon Prime in 2020, the series tops the list of anti-Hindu films or serials today. There was a terrible conspiracy to impose the blame of that terrorism on the Hindus, in the form of which it was seen that the killers of the country’s journalists and prominent people were the country’s main investigative agency CBI and the current nationalist government in power. But they both blamed the killings on neighboring Pakistan and their intelligence agency, the ISI, when they were “extremely innocent” and did not interfere in the country’s internal affairs. In this way, the series has wiped out all the crimes of Pakistan, the main enemy of our country, Pakistan, the brutal assassins of our army, Pakistan, a supporter of separatist forces in our country, Pakistan, a terrorist in our country. As a result, if any untoward incident takes place in the country in the future, it may arouse suspicion in the minds of innocent people that Pakistan is really responsible for this ? And Pakistan will remain in the minds of the people of this country with an innocent image even after committing extreme crimes – is that the purpose of these serial creators?

The story of the two Netflix series ‘Ghoul’ and ‘Leela’ aired in 2016 and 2019 is almost the same. Famous people, all of them were arrested. The background of these two series was formed a few years before their release when some artists and intellectuals returned the prizes they got by blaming the government of our country for intolerance.


Betal – Produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment and aired on Netflix in 2020, the series features Hindus as superstitious and devil worshipers.

Asura – The series, which aired on voot in 2020, portrays a devout Hindu who reads the Vedas and Puranas as a professional murderer.

Surprisingly, the central government broadcaster Doordarshan is also seen spreading Hindu hatred. A cartoon aimed at children shows a Muslim child beating up a Hindu yoga guru for exercising and making fun of him. This will create a negative attitude in the mind of the child towards Hindu Sadhu and Yoga Beyam which is not desirable at all, especially when there is a special need for Yoga to keep the body and mind healthy.

In the South, a number of communist propaganda movies are being made, depending on the caste system. Such as – Joy Bhim, Asura etc. In these movies, the communists are giving their message by making the upper caste a villain. Naxalism is subtly raising its head in those strange propaganda. With this, of course, there is huge missionary funding. Those who are gradually working as assassins to tear Hindu society to pieces. As the films are being released on various apps, these evil thoughts are being able to penetrate more and more people’s minds. Where is the effort of our rightists? There are many problems in running a state, but by capitalizing on those who want to bridge the gap between the country and the society to fulfill their own interests, what exactly should be done? Marathi movies carry almost the same message as Tumbad.










-Ronit & Abhijit

Courtes: Baarta Today