Attempts to Christianize the great poet Thiruvalluvar

Thirukkural which is written by Thiruvalluvar  holds a prime place among the Classical literary works of Tamil language. It has been called the ‘Universal Veda’ and often quoted by our Prime minister for its richness.

Efforts has been taken by the incumbent govt to popularize it by translating the couplets into all Bharatheeya languages.
On and off, there were controversies over the legacy of the ancient saint Thiruvalluvar by Atheist Dravidian parties.
It is evident that he was a believer in God as the very first couplet of Thirukkural is Kadavul Valthu (Salutations to God).
His portrait consisted of a safforn attire until the dravidian parties started depicting him with a white shawl. Now a sitting MP Thirumavalavan has claimed that Thiruvalluvar wrote the thirukural after getting baptized.
Watch the analysis by Shri.Rangaraj pandey ji of Chanaakya TV debunking the claims with facts.

Courtesy: Chanakya