Locals protest against posters of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Hyderabad

Bangladeshi Muslims have put up banners near MRO office, Saroornagar, Hyderabad. Noting this, the locals have registered a complaint at Police station and appealed to the authorities to investigate the matter and punish the law breakers.

After police took cognizance of the complaint, the banner heading was changed from ‘BANGLADESH YOUTH’ to ‘MIYA BHAI YOUTH’

The presence of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Hyderabad is a national security issue, unfortunately the local police and administration failed to take any stringent action against them. Due to this illegal Bangladeshi Muslim have come up with city based Bangladeshi football team, YouTube channel to reach their community.

On twitter citizens raised questions on the presence of Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Hyderabad


The citizens of Hyderabad are concerned about known religious intolerance attitude of Bangladesh Muslims against Hindus which was recently witnessed vandalised the temples and killed the devotees during the Dusshara festival in various parts of Bangladesh.