The grave of Islamic Jihadi terrorism will be taken from India: VHP

The grave of Islamic Jihadi terrorism will be taken from the hands of India:Milind Parande

Bajrang Dal’s nationwide protest against the brutal killings of Hindus on 9

Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) in its press release on 8 October said that only rehabilitation and clean travel of Hindus in Kashmir Valley can eliminate terrorism.

VHP’s Union General Secretary Shri Milind Parande expressed deep concern over the brutal killings of seven Indians in the last five days in the Kashmir Valley, has asked the Central Government to teach Pakistan a strong lesson to tackle jihadist terrorism and rehabilitation of Hindus. Ensure a stable arrangement of their clean walk in the valley. It is difficult to rein on terrorism even without the rehabilitation of Hindu society. He announced that the workers of Bajrang Dal, who were injured by the continuous brutal killings of Hindus, will protest across the country and burn the effigy of terrorist Pakistan tomorrow, October 9.

Sri Milind Parande warned terrorists and their patriots that the bloody people of India’s sacred land will have to understand that their sick attempt to break it will not be successful. The whole country is indebted to its unity and integrity. We know very well how to give a befitting reply to Jihadi terrorism. Every worker of Bajrang Dal and VHP is looking forward to this.

The VHP Maha Mantri also took the well-wishers of the jihadis who are doing political tourism and said that when Hindus-Sikhs are killed by electing, why their tongue gets stitched? In which bill does their secularism enter? Those who feed milk to Islamic terrorist snakes should definitely understand that these poisonous snakes will bite you too. The world community will also have to come forward to tighten the imitation of the jihadist Pakistan who use terrorism as a political weapon.

Expressing deep condolences to the family members of sacrificial Hindu-Sikhs, he said that every worker of VHP and entire Hindu society stands with the victim families. His sacrifice will not go in vain. He also said that India knows very well how to crush the heads of poisonous snakes. Now the grave of Islamic Jihadi terrorism will be given from the hands of India.

This press note was issues by Sri Vinod Bansal National Spokesperson, Vishwa Hindu Parishad.