Malls & Theaters can be open, but not temples in Tamilnadu

The state of affairs in Tamil Nadu October 6th, wherein all the Malls, Offices, Companies and even Liquor shops are open but temples are closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   As Temples are under the control of HR&CE department, Govt of Tamil Nadu, this closure is strictly enforced whereas places of worship of other religions, which are independent, are functioning at many places under the tacit support of the ruling DMK.
Panchayat elections are scheduled to be held in 9 districts of TN on 6th & 10th of October for which canvassing is going on in full swing, throwing into the winds Social distancing.
Then why bar temples alone?  The Tamil month of Purattasi falling between September and October is considered auspicious and most people remain strict vegetarian during this month and visit Vishnu temples every saturday but unfortunately that is not possible today.
Such hypocrisy can be attributed only to the fact that a Minister from the DMK government openly stated that DMK came into power only due to the power of prayer of Christians.
All these are happening because Hindus lack unity and we are systematically divided into caste groups.  Only when throw away the differences and stand united such thing can be eliminated.

Courtesy: Jambavan TV