RSS and Taliban- the same? Time we get some facts corrected ‘Javed Sahab’

What can be done with Javed Akhtar”s deluxe kind of sick mindset?

-Siddhi Somani

Speaking the language of ‘May Be’, ‘Probably’, renowned lyricist, poet Javed Akhtar on Friday made scathing attacks on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) comparing the organisation to the legitimate terror outfit Taliban and its rise in Afghanistan. “The right wing people MAY take support of them (Taliban) and try to become more like Taliban”, said the self centered atheist in an exclusive interview with NDTV.

Does this man even know what he is comparing? Weighing up RSS to one of the officially known Islamist Militant Groups can be termed as nothing but deluxe kind of sickness. “If we look at the right wing objective without any passion, they are the same people. Their names are different, their faces are different but if we look at their value system- it’s the same. They have no love for minorities, they want women to be on the margin- what is the difference?”, Akhtar blatantly commented, demeaning exactly what RSS and its ideology for the nation is.

Calling RSS a right wing organisation in itself is a sizeable query which unnecessarily has given rise to the left and right wing theory. RSS’ Sah Sarkaryawah Manmohan Vaidya had rightly once said that ‘we are neither right wing nor left. We are simply the disciples of Lord Rama’. But once the therory is born, it’s already born. Is understanding RSS that difficult? What makes these ‘liberal thinkers’, ‘atheists’ comment so incorrect about RSS’ ideology is the next big question that I think I might have to carry until I completely understand their sick thought process. Certainly, people who have not come into RSS’ contact, directly or indirectly do not have a factual or an authentic hand at it. On the contrary I say these people have developed serious misconceptions about the Sangh.

No, I am not here to defend the organisation based on its functioning, person to person rapport or the social service they do! But one noteworthy question I definitely want to raise- What is that one RSS activity that forces these thinkers to think of RSS as a terrorist organisation? Name one I say! The value system of RSS has always revolved around ‘Dharma and Karma’ and not around religion or disrespecting the minorities or the women for that matter. There are lacs of Muslims also Christians who are working for the superior nation while in hand with the RSS. There are crores of women who genuinely (without any oppression) want to nourish Indianness as their forebears did. What’s wrong with that? Is that a terrorist like affair?

Women in RSS and in general by the RSS supporting men have always been respected. Unlike in Afghanistan, women here were never forced to leave education, their jobs just because they are women. They are never forced to be at the margin just because they are women. They are never smacked for showing their power out there, just because they are women. The only aspect that RSS has ever put forth as per my knowledge is about both, men and women respecting the culture, the traditions and the Indianness. Further, I pity those people who say that Sangh is a peerless organisation of only ‘men’! Women have always contributed equally to the ‘Bharatiyatva’. They have always felt motivated when things revolved around social reforms and freedom, even in the past. Then, how do I ask is RSS equal to Taliban when no human rights of women or minorities are suppressed in India?

In fact, thinking deeply of these ‘liberal thinkers’, I say it is nothing but the growing popularity and social recognition of the Snagh that they see a challenge to their citadel and so, for obvious reasons, resort to baseless accusations and defamation propoganda against the Sangh. This sordid state of affairs reminds me of the ancient times when the deep mediation of the Rushi Munis sent alarming signals to Lord Indra who saw his throme crumbling; the same is the plight of these so-called left ‘liberal’ thinkers vs the Sangh in the mordern times.

Basically, as the RSS by its working philosophy has never adopted a boisterous publicity of its mission or ideology. Added to that, the mountain of misinformation and lies raised by its adversaries compound the situation so much that the general public finds it difficult to access the truth. And then these global conferences like ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ do much more than misleading the masses of truth. The only way to really understand the RSS is by either experiencing it through personal contact or by studying accurate and factual material about it. I am sure ‘Javed Sahab’ has done none of the above as certain by his comments.

Further, when ‘Javed Sahab’ has dared to compare Sangh and Taliban, he should have known that the Taliban in the past has enforced a strict version of sharia law. Women were and even today are predominantly barred from working or studying, and are confined to their homes unless accompanied by a male guardian. Public executions and floggings in Afghanistan will unfortunately be common now, western films and books will be banned, and cultural artefacts seen as blasphemous under Islam were and will be destroyed. Has this ever ever happened in Bharat?

Taliban demands a genuine Islamic system whereas Sangh demands the ‘Dharma-Karma’ system, respect, shield for women. No, man- these two ideologies do not run parallel. They are different, their objectives are different. Also, I think it’s high time now for the RSS to take legal action against such ‘atheist, liberal’ people who tend to directly or indirectly misdirect the masses of veracity. Afterall we pray, ‘May our victorious organised power of action, by Grace, be wholly capable of protecting our Dharma and leading this nation of ours to the highest pinnacle of glory’!

Courtesy: NewsBharati