Andhra Pradesh – National Commission for Schedule Caste orders CS to Submit Report on large scale conversions in state

The National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh over the alleged large-scale Christian conversions in the state that specifically target people from the scheduled caste (SC) community. Commission has issued notice to the Chief Secretary to inquire and submit a report within 15 days on Complaints and allegations of religious conversions.

The NCSC took note of the issue following a complaint. In the complaint, the organization mentioned that the situation is such that the terms ‘SC’ and ‘Christians’ have become synonymous in the state leading to further law and order issues along with widespread social strife.

The complaint cites replies to an RTI query about the selection of beneficiaries for the Andhra government’s scheme ‘Chandranna Christmas Kanuka’, alleging that the government officials had replied that they treat the entire SC population in the state as Christians though the aforementioned scheme is solely targeted towards Christian community.

Individuals practicing Christianity continue to receive their Hindu caste certificates in order to obtain the advantage of the benefits of reservations. It alleged that the Christian evangelists are engaged in aggressive proselytization and sowing the seeds of secessionism by making converts swear allegiance to extra-constitutional and extra-territorial religious heads.