Opposition disrupts PM Modi in Parliament moments after he called for constructive debate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday was disrupted by the Opposition from introducing his new Cabinet ministers at the start of the Parliament’s Monsoon Session.

This, moments after the Prime Minister called for meaningful discussion in Parliament regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing media persons ahead of the start of the session, Prime Minister Modi said that the pandemic should be discussed with the highest priority, and practical suggestions are needed from all MPs.

“If there are any shortcomings in our Covid-19 fightback, they can be rectified. We will need to move forward together,” he said.

“I request all my colleagues in the House to cooperate in following the Coronavirus protocols. When you receive a vaccine jab, you can become a ‘Bahubali’. And the only way to become a ‘Bahubali’ in the fight against Coronavirus is to get vaccinated.”

The Prime Minister said he had appealed to floor leaders to schedule a discussion in Parliament on Tuesday evening on Coronavirus.

He said, “I hope that the session is result-oriented and devoted to fruitful discussions. The government is fully prepared to respond to every question. I urge all MPs to ask sharp questions, but at the same time, give the government an opportunity to respond in a calm atmosphere.”

Inside the House, however, pandemonium erupted as soon as the Prime Minister rose to speak.

Responding to the Opposition’s tirade, the Prime Minister lashed out the Opposition.

“It is a matter of pride that people from rural India, who come from ordinary families have taken oath as ministers. But some people don’t want ministers to be introduced,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“They also have an anti-woman mindset since they do not want women ministers to be introduced to the House. Such a negative mindset has never been seen in the Parliament,” he added.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh lashed out at the Opposition, stating that never in his parliamentary tenure had he seen such behavior when the Prime Minister had been heckled in such a manner.

Courtesy: Indus Scrolls