India raises terror drone issue at UNGA; says low-cost terror option an imminent danger

Flags fly outside the United Nations headquarters during the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. At this year's annual gathering at the United Nations, well-known flash points such as the Middle East and trade tensions got lots of airtime, but some leaders also used their time on the world stage to highlight international disputes that don't usually command the same global attention.

India has raised concerns over the use of weaponised drones for terrorist activities against strategic and commercial assets, at the United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking at the UNGA Conference on Global Terrorism, Special Secretary (Internal Security) VSK Kaumudi said that misuse of information and communication technology and emerging technologies for terrorist purposes has emerged as the most serious terror threats and will decide counter-terrorism paradigm going forward.

“Add-on to existing worries is drones-use being a low-cost option and easily available, utilisation of aerial platforms for sinister purposes by terrorist groups, including targeted attacks, becoming imminent danger and challenge for security agencies worldwide,” Kaumudi said.

“The threat of the use of weaponised drones for acts of terror against strategic and commercial assets calls for serious attention by member states. We have witnessed terrorists using unmanned aerial systems to smuggle weapons across borders,” he added.

The remarks came days after terrorists carried out an attack on the Air Force station in Jammu using drone-delivered explosives. The drone attack was the first of its kind in the country. Another plot to target a military camp using drones was thwarted on Monday.

He also lashed out at Pakistan ahead of concluding his speech.

“As expected, the Pakistan delegation once again resorted to peddling false narratives and making baseless allegations against India. For a country that engages in orchestrated hatred for India, sectarian violence against its own minorities and harbours a deep sense of insecurity for India, we could have expected nothing new from this delegation. Pakistan’s false narrative has been summarily negated by the UN membership,” he said.

Indian official noted that it was high time the international community directs Pakistan to take irreversible and verifiable actions against terrorist outfits operating on its territory and not take the high road of morality, which is only laden with mines of falsehood.