Swayamsevaks Performed Last Rites of 205 Covid Victims in MP

When the second wave of Covid-19 hit in April-May, many shmashanas fell short of space and manpower.
The same happened with the shmashana in Vidisha city. A temporary arrangement was made in Karaiyan village. It was Bhorghat shmashan.

At this juncture, four Swayamsevaks of RSS Stayed in Shmashana for 38 Days and performed last rites of 205 Covid victims in Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh.

One Kuldeep Sharma, 35, had gone to Bhorgat shmashana for the last rites of a friend’s grandmother. What he saw there, changed his outlook.

There were no people to perform the last rites of the Covid-19 victims. He requested his friends to assist the family members of the victims in making arrangements for the rites. Sanjay Prajapati, Dhruv and Surendra agreed readily.
They made many personal sacrifices to do seva. They couldn’t go home regularly and live normal lives as it would endanger the lives of other family members.

Since Kuldeep is a janeudhari, it was mandatory for him to change janeu before performing pooja at home. So, he stopped praying at home. For fourteen asthi kalash, there were no claimants. So, these four friends traveled to Prayagraj to perform asthi visarjan.

Courtesy: Organiser