Lakhs of People waiting for Anandayya’s medicine

At a time when the world is battling the darkness of Corona, an Ayurvedic medicine, developed by Anandaiah, an Ayurveda Physician from Krishnapatnam in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, came as a ray of hope.

Though there are many hindrances to his treatment protocols in the name of permissions, it is noteworthy that Anandaiah’s medicine is gaining great popularity with each passing day.

But some ‘intellectuals’, who believe that they alone are great beacons of wisdom and that people are like sheep  and know nothing, that they fall for quackery, magic and home remedies, are the ones who are still opposing his medicine,and trying to convince people about its negative effects.

There are some media organisations playing a key role in the propaganda. While hundreds of patients, who got free treatment from Anandaiah and got cured stand as proof on one side, and those who have spent lakhs of rupees and getting no succour from Allopathy medicine and spending their everything supporting Anandaiah stand on the other side, made common people believe that he is giving the elixir of life.

Allegations – Fake campaigns

Some people who took treatment from him fell sick later, causing a vicious campaign that maligned Anandaiah’s treatment. Some media organisations raised a hue and cry that Kotaiah, the retired headmaster and the first person who declared that his life was saved by Anandaiah’s medicine,died while all he did was go to a hospital for a small medical intervention. This was nothing but a smear campaign to malign Anandaiah.

What are the facts?

But people are not in a position to believe such negative campaigns or clearly motivated fake information. Because they can see innumerable examples of how Anandaiah’s medicine is saving lives. Especially, when one talks to people from Nellore district, they all have stories of how someone in their relatives or friends have been cured because of this treatment. They recount vivid experiences of how the medicine is doing miracles.

In fact, a person who was lying unconscious, recovered within minutes of receiving this medicine in his eyes, in the presence of former minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy. This incident stood as a classic testimony to the efficacy of the medicine.

Anandaiah has been curing people of Corona virus since the last year and he revealed that he is making this medicine with the help of Dr Vivekananda of Red Hills near Chennai. This practice of Ayurveda is a family tradition for Anandaiah and he himself has been treating patients for the last 30 years.

Anandaiah has given the medicine to at least 50 thousand patients since Sri Ram Navami this year. He has not been wearing a mask even but neither he nor his family members fell prey to Covid. And thus Anandaiah stands as a live example of the efficacy of his own medicine. Not just that. Not a single person in his entire village fell sick or displayed any symptoms of Corona in all these months. Needless to say, there has not been a single Corona death in his village.

How the medicine is administered – enquiry and facts:

Anandaiah gives out medicines with English alphabets 
P, L, F, K, I. Out of these it is said that P –  is a preventive medicine, L those who lack hunger. F is for those suffering from fever amd K is for those with Kidney issues. And I is for those who have severe effects of Corona.

It has also been discovered that those who took medicine from Anandaiah are getting a negative report within three days. And there are so many instances of even those on the ventilator getting cured.

It is known that the Ayush Department has asked the manufacture and distribution of the medicine until ICMR tested and certified it. The Ayush team also said that it cannot certify the medicine as Ayurvveda but can be called as traditional medicine. They declared that there were no side effects and that it is a completely safe herbal medicine. It is to be noted that Ayush said the medicine can be taken. But still ICMR needs to inspect.

The TTD Ayurveda team has examined the medicine and agreed for it to be manufactured in their Ayurveda drug facility.

Is it true that Anandaih was arrested?

Meanwhile, there was a rumour that Abandaiah was arrested but the Government sources denied it. And it was known that Anandaih plans to manufacture the medicine only after he got permission. He said he can distribute medicine to even a lakh people in a day once he gets the permissions. .

Anandaiah has been supplying this medicine for free since the beginning. He has also been accepting donations only in the form of raw material.

Anandaiah gets RSS Support

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh has also extended support to Anandaiah and commended him. The swayamseveks met many local people and enquired about their experiences.

A team under the leadership of RSS Andhra Pradesh Pranth Prachar Pramukh Shri Bhayya Vasu, visited the manufacturing unit, met Anandaiah and has promised to extend help to expedite the permissions for manufacture of the medicine, When this became known media, Govt also became alert and sent a team to Krishnapatnam.

The local MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy also came forward to support Anandaiah but the fact that he introduced Anandaiah as YSRCP worker led to much criticism. .

Many Ayurveda physicians of the State who participated in an online meeting organised by Vijnana Bharati also certified that the medicine works well. They even offered to submit a detailed report on the medicine. .

In order to bring Anandaiah ji’s work to people, Vijnana Bharati organised a Google form.

Even the Vice President of India, Sri Venkaiah Naidu has asked Ayush Ministry to expedite permissions.

Though there are so many efforts being made from so many quarters, the delay and obstruction to granting permission to making and distribution of Anandaiah’s medicine is causing anguish and unrest among common people.

How much ever people seek evidence and conduct enquiries, how much ever testing and probing happens, there are successful cases that clearly indicate that Anandaiah’s medicine is working. It is abhorrent that the media and some intellectuals are opposing it, raising questions about their own integrity. There are suspicions that they are backed by the medical mafia. There are questions whether their commitment is to people’s welfare or to the crumbs that the medical mafia throws at them. Whatever it is, there are thousands awaiting a positive decision from the government, granting permission to Anandaiah’s medicine.