Arabs continue to cheat innocent Hyderabadi Muslim Girls

In a classic case of innocent Muslim girls falling into the trap of Agents who get girls married off to dubious characters from other countries for money, a girl from Hyderabad was married off to a mentally ill man from Oman. She was recently rescued and brought back home safely.

The Agents made persistent efforts to convince the economically backward family of Fatima Begum, living in the Aliabad area in the Old City of Hyderabad, to consider an alliance in Oman for their daughter, Farheen (26). The family was finally persuaded and believed that they were settling their daughter into a good life. The Agents misled the family saying that the groom had a government job in Oman and he belonged to a wealthy family.

On reaching Oman after Nikah, the girl was shocked to discover that, contrary to the projection of the Agent, the man was mentally ill and in a debilitated condition unable to even attend to his own needs. For more than a year, she experienced horrible conditions as she was reduced to a domestic maid and made to toil.

The agents, Sayeed of Nawabkunta and Khadeer of Mughalpura, told Fatima that Salim Nasr Al Salim of Oman owned two houses and that he would pay Rs 1 lakh as Mahar.

The Nikah took place on Nov 10, 2019 and the groom Salim left for Oman after five days. Notably, Farheen never met her husband after the Nikah and was shocked to know his condition only after she reached Oman the following month. She was terrified of her husband’s violent behavior and sent a video to her mother, explaining how she was turned into a servant maid and a caretaker for her ailing husband.

She also informed her mother that her in laws prevented her from coming back to India. Then Fatima Begum wrote a letter to the Minister for External Affairs, Dr S Jaishankar, seeking his urgent intervention and rescue of her daughter. Responding to her letter, the Ministry of External Affairs took steps to rescue Farheen and helped her reach home two days ago.

While Farheen is among the few luckier ones saved from drudgery and danger, innumerable other innocent Muslim girls in the Old City of Hyderabad, fall into the trap of crooked agents who make money at the cost of the future of the young girls. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the marriage scam is a widely known one and yet local politicians and the Government officials turn a blind eye towards the plight of the innocent Muslim girls in the Old City.